Example 9 - custom html

This example uses the onCreateLi option to create an edit link next to the tree node.


<div id="tree1"></div>


var $tree = $('#tree1');

    data: ExampleData.exampleData,
    autoOpen: 1,
    onCreateLi: function(node, $li) {
        // Append a link to the jqtree-element div.
        // The link has an url '#node-[id]' and a data property 'node-id'.
            '<a href="#node-'+ node.id +'" class="edit" data-node-id="'+ node.id +'">edit</a>'

// Handle a click on the edit link
$tree.on( 'click', '.edit', function(e) {
    // Get the id from the 'node-id' data property
    var node_id = $(e.target).data('node-id');

    // Get the node from the tree
    var node = $tree.tree('getNodeById', node_id);

    if (node) {
        // Display the node name